Over the next ten years, the energy planning of MME, considering the studies of the Ten-Year Plan for Energy Expansion (PDE, in Portuguese) 2021, indicates an average growth rate of 4.9% per year for electricity consumption and for the total demand of energy, in a scenario of GDP at 4.7% per year. In addition, a recent document from the Energetic Research Company (EPE, in Portuguese) states that consumption of electricity in Brazil will triplicate until 2050, going from 513 TWh to 1,624 TWh.

Therefore, a secure supply of electricity for the entire country is a very important topic that must be discussed and deeply studied, even more during the energy crisis the sector is currently facing. Debates on the theme involve different issues of the stages of generation, transmission and distribution of energy, such as environmental restriction to build bigger reservoirs, formulation and implementation of public policies, inadequacy of transmission's infrastructure, among many other issues.

The constant search for solutions to contain a possible crisis of power scarcity in the country is what motivated the choice of the Joint Special Session theme "Ensuring a reliable electricity supply in Brazil - Change or Collapse," which takes place on October 22 , from 9:30 to 11:30 AM, at the Transamerica Expo Center, in Sao Paulo. This session is part of the schedule from the Power Brasil Events, held by PennWell do Brasil, organizer of the biggest events for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the world.

"It is essential to discuss the transformation of the electric sector that Brazil is going through. We need to learn from other countries' experiences that, even in times of scarcity crisis, put in practice measures to minimize the damage. That is why PennWell is promoting these important debates," says Eduardo Gondim, representative of PennWell do Brasil.

The debate will include the participation of important professionals from the academic, regulatory, alternative sources of energy, the government, and the international scenario areas, and will be moderated by Wellington Bahnemann, specialized journalist of the electric sector.  

"Many questions will be raised about the issue, as the generation of energy through other sources, government planning and regulatory matters," explains Bahnemann. "I'm very happy to participate as a moderator of this year's Special Session. I believe that this discussions can truly bring different point of views on the theme and to point possible ways to reduce the impact of the energy crisis that the country is facing," completes Bahnemann.

The Power Brasil Events occurs October 21 through 23, at the Transamerica Expo Center, in Sao Paulo, and will bring together the events POWER-GEN, HydroVision and DistribuTECH Brasil.