Any Rig Manager or Toolpusher will tell you just how many facets there are in running a productive, efficient and safe drilling operation. Too much emphasis on any aspect of the process puts it out of balance. Too much focus on safety can stifle efficiency, trying to beat production records can jeopardise safety, and so on. Few people ever get a bird's eye view of the whole operation and can see the perfect overlap of competing priorities. It's when everything gets optimised that we achieve all preset goals.

One person who has this type of overview and insight is Dave Taylor, the founder of Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd. (rp²). Not only has he filled the roles of drilling engineer and drilling superintendent, but has facilitated hundreds of performance and safety workshops since 2001. You might know Dave, as he and his team have worked in 55 countries, for 220 wells teams.

If you don't know Dave Taylor in person, if you're an upstream technical professional you'll have seen, the world's leading technical drilling forum. My-spread now has nearly 3000 members hailing from almost 1000 organisations.

A recent acquisition of by rp² adds to the broad network and industry data that Taylor and his team can access. In-depth, intimate industry knowledge, from dozens of wells teams every year, combined with the technical insights of my-spread, mean that rp² has an accurate overview of what it takes to deliver successful well production.

Because of this, rp² are now offering full stack well management services (read the announcement here). Taylor and his team know that they can deliver the same levels of performance and measurable results as they do in their DWOPs, CWOPS and HAZOPs.

In some mature fields and extraction hotspots, we're seeing an exit by supermajors and an influx of smaller independents. While the leading oil companies have taken a high percentage of recoverable reserves, more flexible and nimble companies are moving in to run profitable enterprises still. These types of companies will benefit from the same level of experience as the top companies. Well management consultants and contractors can fill any knowledge or experience gaps.

It's imperative that these small to medium-sized operations work to the same levels of safety and efficiency as the industry leaders. One way of achieving this is by partnering with consultancy firms that also work with the biggest companies on the most challenging exploration and production projects.

This announcement got submitted by Jason Lavis who is a partner at Jason also runs Out of the Box Innovations, who provide digital marketing solutions for energy companies, and is a co-founder of NatResPro which is also a web-based human resource business.