Qatar Petroleum announced the commencement of In-Country Value evaluation in the energy sector tenders starting July 2020 through “Tawteen”, the localization program for services and industries in Qatar’s energy sector.

The ICV program will alter the way in which the procurement process is conducted in the energy sector, where suppliers and contractors who are contributing most to the local economy will gain a commercial advantage in the competitive bidding process. 

The launch follows a six-month grace period that started from January 2020, and which gave suppliers the chance to acquire their ICV Scorecard Certification.

Commenting on this occasion, His Excellency Mr. Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, the Minister of State for Energy Affairs, the President and CEO of Qatar Petroleum, said, “The In-Country Value policy is an integral component of the Tawteen program. It will drive the localization agenda in Qatar’s energy sector, and will help build the foundations for a highly resilient and competitive supply chain. The implementation of this policy will also go a long way in developing the capabilities of local suppliers as well as in promoting investments for the benefit of the whole energy sector.”

Tawteen has organized seven ICV awareness sessions attended by representatives of various suppliers and contractors providing a wide range of products and services to Qatar’s energy sector. The sessions gave participants the opportunity to meet and interact with 12 independent accounting firms appointed by Tawteen as ICV Certifiers to validate and certify ICV scores.

More than 100 suppliers have already obtained their ICV Scorecard Certification during the grace period, while many more are expected to get their certificates issued.

Led and initiated by Qatar Petroleum, the localization program for services and industries in Qatar’s energy sector “Tawteen” primarily aims to foster the development of the energy sector’s local supply chain and to expand the small and medium enterprises’ base in Qatar.