Advancing Capital Project Execution with Innovative Collaborative Solutions to Enhance Productivity, Sustainability, and Cost-Efficiency in the Construction sector

AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software driving digital transformation and sustainability, has announced a strategic partnership with Work Packs Inc., a leader in construction management software. The partnership leverages AVEVA's expertise in digital transformation with innovative solutions offered by Work Packs Inc., to specifically support capital projects.

AVEVA and Work Packs Inc. are together positioned to meet the distinctive challenges faced by engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies and owner-operators. By rolling out cohesive and data-centric solutions, the partnership will enable users to unlock wide-ranging benefits improving productivity, efficiency, and safety, and reducing costs.

WorkPacks is a leading software as a service (SaaS) platform, designed for capital project and construction management. Using unique techniques in virtual construction modeling, WorkPacks centralizes the planning, sequencing, and automation of the Path of Construction. The platform provides stakeholders with a comprehensive view of their work packages, complemented by in-depth analytics and essential project key performance indicators. Adaptable and scalable, it is designed to support both small-scale and large construction projects.

WorkPacks integrates with AVEVA Everything3D (E3D), AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) and AVEVA Asset Information Management (AIM) solutions, helping customers make data-driven decisions and fostering insights for successful project collaboration and execution.

Greg Pada, Vice President, Head of Engineering Business, AVEVA, said: “We are delighted to partner with Work Packs Inc. to improve project outcomes for the construction sector. AVEVA has a track record of de-risking capital projects, enhancing cost and schedule predictability, and driving higher-value outcomes. This strategic partnership will further empower customers to use their project data more effectively by automating the creation and management of work packages, reducing idle time, minimizing resource use, and improving the productivity and sustainability of their capital projects."

Robert Blackmon, Chief Executive Officer, Work Packs Inc. added: “We are excited to collaborate with AVEVA, a global leader in project execution solutions and digital transformation. This game-changing alliance complements our industry-leading work packaging solution leveraging AVEVA's data-centric approach to capital project planning and construction – enabling customers to save on time and costs while delivering superior projects."