Danish VMS Group is on the verge of a new entry to the global offshore market. With a wide range of service being offered, a long-lasting experience, and a firm strategy, VMS Group will become an even more considerable player in the field of offshore rig, drilling, and service fleet services.


Branding itself as “The World’s Best Alternative” VMS Group is well known as an independent service supplier, providing its services to the international maritime and oil and gas industry for two decades.

VMS Group has well-equipped and up-to-date workshop facilities in Denmark, Namibia and Brazil. Combined, these facilities form a strong unit offering services no matter where assistance is required. High quality, flexibility and reliability are the keywords under which VMS Group operates. Now, with a consolidation and expansion of their already existing activities, VMS Group is ready to take another step into the global offshore market.

Headquartered in Frederikshavn and with subsidiaries in Brazil and Namibia, VMS Group offers highly skilled international teams around the globe, ready to take on the tasks either on-site or at one of the well-equipped workshops owned by VMS Group.

VMS Group covers a wide range of competencies, sales, and services within the maritime and offshore industries, all brought together in one complete solution. 

The core services include: Repair and maintenance of gear, propeller, and diesel engines. Repair, maintenance and balancing of turbochargers for marine engines. Sale of spare parts, engines, and gears. Ship design and project management.

VMS Group offers services within the field of:

• Design, engineering, project management.

• Diesel engine, turbo, propeller and power maintenance and repair.

• Repair and maintenance of thrusters, gears and pumps.

• Shaft repair and service.

• Machining services.

• Propulsion equipment.

• Constructions, welding, and steel work.

• Hydraulic and mechanical systems.

• Test facilities.

• Spare parts, original and reconditioned.


All Engine Types

With 280 employees worldwide VMS Group has the capacity to always being able to put together an international team of highly skilled staff for any task, regardless when and where it is needed. From the company’s positions in Brazil, Namibia and Denmark, VMS Group covers the Americas, Africa, and Europe, but beyond that, there is always a team ready to travel to any conceivable destination around the globe.

The service engineers from VMS Group are specialized in all engine types, e.g., Himsen, Rolls Royce/Bergen, Caterpillar, Wärtsila, Yanmar, Wabtec and MAN.

For every task it is made sure that all of VMS Group’s competencies are drawn upon: Ranging from sales over project planning and design, to engineering services. This ensures that VMS Group has both the skills and the capacity to compete with even the biggest competitors on the market.


Recognized Service Provider

For the last couple of years VMS Group has been appointed to carry out the engine service on the rigs of one of the world’s largest offshore drilling contractors, located off the coast of West Africa. 

Combined with a strong network in the business and a long-lasting experience, VMS Group is already a recognized service provider to the offshore market and has in recent years further consolidated itself in the offshore market as part of the company’s strategy. 

“Expanding our activities in the offshore market is an important part of our strategic objective, not least in these years when the offshore market is facing recovery and new growth. Our aim is to become an even stronger player in the field of service within the global offshore market, where we see a huge potential and already have established contact with the major companies”, says Kristian Kaasing Larsen, CCO of VMS Group. 

He mentions Aberdeen and Houston as places of particular interest and strategic relevance.

“Since we are already located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Frederikshavn, Denmark, our service engineers will have easy access to these locations”, says Kristian Kaasing Larsen.


International Teams 

For tasks being performed in North or South America, the team of service engineers will be recruited from the Brazilian subsidiary, VMS do Brasil, situated near the harbour of Niterói in Rio de Janeiro. 

With a staff of Danish and Brazilian service engineers and project managers, VMS do Brasil offers service, repair and maintenance of offshore installations, power plants and ships in the all-American area.

“Our international teams are all highly skilled and highly motivated, with a high level of work ethics, all competencies that are sought-after in the market”, says Kristian Kaasing Larsen.

The well-equipped workshop in Brazil holds all the necessary equipment for the maintenance of all brands and types of medium and high-speed marine engines. In addition, the necessary equipment for maintenance of all Caterpillar engines is held at the workshop in Rio de Janeiro.

“Also, in Brazil we are the only workshop servicing Himsen engines”, says Kristian Kaasing Larsen.


Port of the Future

For tasks being carried out in or around European waters the staff will be recruited from the service base in the port of Frederikshavn situated in the northern part of Denmark. The port of Frederikshavn One is one of the most important commercial ports in Denmark and the port of the future, undergoing an on-going expansion over the years with more and deeper harbour basins, more quays, wider entrance, and significant extended hinterland areas, making it possible to strengthen business areas like, for example, the offshore industry.

The Port of Frederikshavn offers 11 meters in water depth, prepared for 14 meters, which makes it possible for ships in the Panamax category, as well as both jack-up platforms and semi-submersible platforms to call at the port.


Specialized in Spare Parts 

At the VMS service base Frederikshavn there is approx. 4,000 m2 under roof, covering a marine workshop, machine workshop and turbo workshop. Storage facilities alone cover approx. 1,000 m2 with a working height of 8 meters and a Paternoster automated storage system to ensure high efficiency. 

With a global network of manufacturers and traders VMS Group is able to find almost any requested item or spare part and also offers an extensive stock of reconditioned marine parts.

“We specialize in supplying original spare parts for diesel engines and strive for excellence with high quality products at competitive prices with reliability of fast delivery. Our dedicated staff has an extensive technical knowledge and many years’ experience in advising on spare parts. Our global network of manufacturers and traders enables us to find almost any requested item, even if your requirement is not a part of our standard product range. As an alternative, we can supply high-quality spare parts from the best OEM makers in Europe with a guarantee”, says Kristian Kaasing Larsen. 

Among the first-class manufacturers that VMS Group distributes is YANMAR and Wabtec medium-speed and high-speed marine engines and customized gensets.

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