The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company emphasized on continuing exploration activities in the north and strengthening the Khazar Exploration and Precaution Company (KEPCO) to advance the goals of the oil industry.

Mohsen Khojastehmehr on Saturday addressed a ceremony honoring Ali Osuli, former KEPCO CEO, and welcoming Morad Kamali as the new head of the company, saying Sardar Jangal Field and the Iranian Platform Amirkabir are a symbol of Iran's sovereignty in the Caspian Sea.

 “The need for up-to-date technologies, paying double attention to environmental and safety issues and the importance of maintaining the Amirkabir platform as a valuable asset of the oil industry, are among the features that should be considered for the development of activities in the Caspian Sea,” he said.

Continued Exploration in Northern Iran
Regarding the importance of exploration in the north of the country, he said: "Exploration is the basis of the country's 100-year development plans, so whether development is on the agenda or not, underground resources should be estimated and exploration activities should continue vigorously. Production and development are separate matter.”

Synergy with the Goal of Greater Efficiency
The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company stated that the Minister of Petroleum's opinion on Iran's activities in the Caspian Sea is based on constructive cooperation rather than deterrent competition. “Iran's geopolitical position in the Caspian Sea requires our policies in this region to be very smart and it is necessary to strengthen the company's approaches in synergy with other companies and departments, including the exploration department of the National Iranian Oil Company.”

Khojastehmehr stressed the need to benefit more from the expert and capable experts in the Caspian Oil Company and pointed to the need for extensive studies in the Caspian region, continuing: “This company should use the services to the maximum benefit of service companies in the region.”