CRESSON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Integrity Bio-Chemicals, LLC (IBC), a technology-driven company developing next-generation biopolymers, announced the appointment of Laura Kuri Benavides as its first Director of Sustainability. Benavides will lead IBC’s sustainability initiatives and help advance the company’s stewardship toward more sustainable solutions. This inaugural position reflects customer demand for more environmentally friendly products and practices.

As Director of Sustainability, Benavides will implement and document IBC’s sustainable processes; publish environmental, social and governance (ESG) reports; draft environmental policy; and act as a liaison between IBC’s departments to highlight their sustainable practices. Additionally, Benavides will provide guidance on emerging technological advances in sustainability.

“The creation of Laura’s role shows our current and prospective customers, business partners and the industry how serious we are about prioritizing sustainability in all we do,” said Jimmy Jett, CEO of IBC. “With her experience and knowledge, Laura is highly qualified to be IBC’s first-ever Director of Sustainability. As the voice of our company’s sustainability mission, Laura will share our groundbreaking, environmentally friendly and affordable products with the world.”

The Director of Sustainability role was created with Benavides’ expertise in mind, allowing her to harness her proficiency in technology, field work, research and development to actively promote sustainability. Before joining IBC, Benavides served as Technical Sales Manager at IBC, Sales Representative for Latin America at Halliburton, and Quality Control and Laboratory Manager at Cebo Holland B.V. in the Netherlands.

“My international experiences across a wide range of industries helped me understand what the world values and why it’s so important to take care of our planet,” said Benavides. “I firmly believe IBC’s biopolymer technology has the power to revolutionize the energy, mining, industrial, and household and personal care markets, and I couldn’t be more passionate about how our products help bring sustainable science to the whole world.”

In addition to the Director of Sustainability role, Benavides is maintaining her current position as the Vice President of Technology for Integrity Mining and Industrial (IMI), where she is responsible for product development, project management and customer interface. Benavides has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin.

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