PETRONAS has delivered its first carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo to Shikoku Electric. The cargo arrived yesterday at the Sakaide LNG terminal in Shikoku Island, Japan, after being delivered from the PETRONAS LNG Complex (PLC) in Bintulu.

Petronas has offset the estimated life cycle carbon footprint of liquefied natural gas cargo through renewables-based carbon credits for the emissions generated from upstream gas exploration and production, transportation, liquefaction and shipping of the cargo.

Furthermore, the carbon credits used by PETRONAS for the delivery are certified under the Validated Carbon Standards Program, which is globally recognised and has been adopted by energy players and producers, through a strict verification procedure.

In addition to its first carbon neutral LNG cargo, PETRONAS is also reducing its carbon footprint throughout its LNG and natural gas value chain. These carbon reduction efforts, among others, include powering the PLC with 90MW of hydroelectricity, conducting flare recovery as well as carbon capture and storage from offshore gas fields.

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