Annually delegates from top-level LNG companies attend the International LNG Congress and share their viewpoint and solutions. Last year some of the regular participants gave an overview on the development of the industry to BGS Group in private interviews. All of these highlighted points are going to be presented in the 10th anniversary edition of LNGCON in Milan in March, 2024.

Being aware of current directions in the LNG sector is essential to have a mutually beneficial conversation with majors in the industry who establish all the market trends and follow the LNG needs. The International LNG Congress (LNGCON) is a great place to have an opportunity to reach the whole value chain at the same time.

The 10th edition of the Congress assembles participants from gas majors, EPCs, local gas companies, LNG shipping, truck and fleet owners, terminals and ports, equipment manufacturers, and service providers.

This summer BGS Group, who is the organiser of the Congress, released the video interviews from the last edition of LNGCON, which took place in Dusseldorf. Delegates, whose companies already confirmed their participation in the 10th International LNG Congress, shared their thoughts on key trends and future for the industry. 

Tom de Ruyter van Steveninck from Titan emphasized: “The key trends, in my opinion, will be a large move towards liquefied biomethane or also called bioenergy. So, that's definitely the biggest change”.

Another delegate Mattia Maritati from the Italian company IVECO also highlighted that “LNG is the best available alternative that we can put in place if we compare it to conventional energy sources or to fossil energy sources”.

Mattia added: “Specifically for heavy duty mobility, LNG needs to be considered as a bridge toward more sustainable technologies but to fundamentally enable the bio LNG business, which we recognise to be a very robust and concrete solution, it can have a role also in the long run”.

Javier Cervera, Head of Energy Transition, from the Spanish shipping company Baleària gave an overview on LNG bunkering issues to BGS Group. “The key trend for LNG is the bunkering technologies and solutions. In Europe, there are many available bunker ports but it still isn’t enough because many vessels running with LNG are coming, for example, to Utah”, explained Javier.

He also pointed out that Europe is one of the leading regions for the availability of LNG in the world. For instance, Baleària has six LNG terminals located mainly in Spain. He’s sure LNG helps to stick to European regulations which require to reduce the emissions percentage every five years. So, LNG is adapted to accomplish that until 2035.

That is why both days of the LNGCON 2024 include various types of formats to cover all of these topics: panel discussions, technical and commercial sessions, SVP panels, and roundtables.

Among the topics of business programme are:

LNG market dynamics towards energy transition;

  • overview of bunkering infrastructure and its latest developments;
  • LNG as a transportation fuel;
  • bio-LNG and synthetic LNG today and their decarbonisation potential;
  • case studies on small-scale LNG technologies;
  • gas supplies to Europe: pricing and trading strategies.

For more insights from industry players join the LNGCON 2024: