The Royal Van Beest Group has acquired Sling Supply International (‘Slingsintt’), based in Spain. Sling Supply International is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, testing and certification of lifting solutions in a wide range of industries. Its main business is focused on the global wind industry and consists of the development of tools for the lifting of nacelles, hubs, towers and blades. Slingsintt has gained a leadership position in this market through its excellence in the engineering of custom-made lifting equipment, in close cooperation with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's). This acquisition significantly contributes to Van Beest’s mission of worldwide leadership in mooring, lashing and lifting equipment for the onshore and offshore Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) industry and OEM's. Sling Supply International will be managed as a separate entity within the group and will be led by Mikel López (R&D/Commercial Director), Igor Rodríguez (Operations Director) and Eneritz Miranda Muxika (Finance Director). 

Hendrik Kok, CEO of the Royal Van Beest Group, comments: “Sling Supply International is well-known in the industry for offering exemplary lifting services and products. With the acquisition, we add a jewel of a company to our group and one with fantastic exposure to a high-growth market like the wind industry”. Pedro Garitaonandia, co-founder and CEO of Sling Supply International, adds: “Van Beest and Slingsintt have been great partners for four decades as supplier and customer. I could not be happier that Slingsintt will continue its growth as part of the group and foresee a bright future ahead for the combined companies.” 

During the acquisition process Van Beest and Sling Supply International were advised by DVAN Advocaten, BAUM Legal Tax M&A, JLCasajuana Abogados Legal advisors and V4 Financial Partners.