As part of its social commitments towards states where the company has a strong presence, and framed in the integrated strategy set in place by the Mexican Government to strengthen the healthcare system in its ongoing battle against COVID-19, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), through the Secretariat of Health of Mexico City (CDMX), donated 2,000 pulse oxymeters  to the Mexico City government. These devi​ces are used to measure oxygen saturation and heart rate of patients.
This donation came in response to the request for aid submitted by the Secretariat of Health of the local government, which was placed on the 24th of June. The investment that was made, which amounted to 1.74 million pesos, is part of the social responsibility programs set in motion by PEMEX for the benefit of the inhabitants of any states where it has a presence, facilities, or in which the company operates.
The mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, spoke recently about the crucial importance of treating people who have been clinically diagnosed with COVID -19 and who are receiving healtchare at home, as well as treatment for those who show symptoms and have underlying conditions, and who must be isolated to prevent further spreading of the disease.
Therefore, various companies have made pulse oxymeter donations, as these devices are part of a package that is delivered to each home by the capital’s government, for those persons who have called 911 and who may have contracted the disease.
PEMEX is thus helping support the efforts of the government of Mexico City to fight this pandemic, while contributing to the strengthening of the city’s healthcare capabilities towards the most vulnerable population.
In addition to these actions, the State-owned productive company continues to apply an integrated prevention model to bring down the spread of COVID-19 within its facilities and among its workers, pensioners, and their family members.