Over the years, Petrobras has taken measures in its refineries to improve their energy efficiency. In the last five years, despite the growing complexity of its refineries to meet new fuel quality specifications, these initiatives have resulted in an energy saving representing approximately 2.5 million barrels of oil equivalent per year, or 15,000 terajoules per year – equivalent to enough electricity to supply a Brazilian city of 630,000 inhabitants for one year.

This result represents a reduction in the energy intensity of Petrobras’ refining operations of approximately 5.2%, leading to an estimated decline in carbon dioxide emissions of around 3,000 metric tons per day. Besides generating financial benefits, the energy optimization efforts at Petrobras’ refineries have had a positive impact on the environment, as they are the company’s main way of cutting its greenhouse gas emissions.

The main actions include optimizations of electricity and steam generation and distribution systems, improvements to the power performance of various energy consuming systems, such as furnaces and boilers, and the investigation and implementation of energy efficiency operational and investment opportunities.

These actions demonstrate Petrobras’ determination to achieve cost reductions and continuous improvement in the energy performance of its operations, while also reflecting its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.
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