Atexindustries is located in the Netherlands as part of the Optilight Group: Various companies specialised in ATEX certified lighting and peripherals with a strong position in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Since the early nineties the Optilight Group has been located in Woudrichem, near Rotterdam, Antwerp and the German banks of the Rhine.

“We supply a wide range of industries, such as the aircraft industry, shipbuilding, food & beverage processing and the petrochemical industry” explains Jean Paul Minczeles of Atexindustries. “Thanks to our range, we can offer a total solution for any unique and specific situation. From the plug that connects the equipment to the power supply to where the portable lamps are used. We can supply everything: connectors, transformers, cable reels, extension cables and finally the portable lamps”.

A few years ago, Atexindustries took the initiative to develop a revolutionary product: a powerful and easily portable, ATEX certified, and rechargeable floodlight. The reason was obvious: power supply for work lights, often temporary installations, can be quite a challenge, both with or without ATEX requirements. Cable length limitations, different voltages, different types of connectors, mismatching sockets can make installation work difficult and expensive. And since requirements vary from country to country this is certainly a nightmare for internationally operating companies. The length of the power cable can be one of the biggest problems. With a safe voltage of 24 V. and a cable length of 25m. many items like catalytic cracking units of 70 meters high, storage tanks of 60 meters, airplane fuselages with wingspan and length of 50 meters cannot be reached for good quality illumination.