Mexico Pacific Limited LLC (“MPL”), developer of a North American LNG export project (“MPL LNG Project”) based in Puerto Libertad, Sonora, Mexico, announced today that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with ConocoPhillips LNG Licensing LLC and Bechtel, working with Techint S.A. de C.V., to advance the global energy transition and to assist in lowering greenhouse gas emissions by pursuing innovative lower carbon LNG design solutions for the MPL LNG Project future phases. The MPL LNG Project was chosen as the greenfield project for this world class initiative.


The MPL LNG Project’s strategic location on the West Coast of Mexico will, by itself, result in lower greenhouse gas emissions due to shorter transit to Asian markets as compared to many other Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Basin LNG producers in addition to lower greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the use of leading technologies. The collaboration will seek to further reduce baseline emissions by exploring energy transition and greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies developed by ConocoPhillips LNG Licensing and designed by Bechtel in a cost efficient and competitive manner.

This collaborative relationship brings together LNG industry market leaders in technology, design, construction, and operation of LNG facilities to leverage one of the most advantaged and competitive North American greenfield projects as a catalyst for the future of low carbon LNG production.

“LNG plays a significant role in the global energy transition,” said Douglas Shanda, Chief Executive Officer and President of MPL. “We are constantly evolving our business strategies to further reduce our carbon footprint, and this cutting-edge initiative provides opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by seeking to curtail the production of emissions, rather than just capturing or reporting them. We are honored to partner with this world-class LNG team as we do our collective part to address climate change.”

“ConocoPhillips is pleased to support MPL and Bechtel in designing LNG trains for the MPL LNG Project based on the high efficiency OCP Pro™ technology that includes our latest low carbon design and operating features,” said Mike Culligan, manager of ConocoPhillips LNG Technology and Licensing.

“MPL represents an excellent opportunity for ConocoPhillips to work closely with a west coast North American LNG developer to provide carbon-advantaged gas feedstock from our growing Permian Basin gas supply and assist MPL in developing a commercial strategy for supplying carbon neutral LNG in the future,” said Tom Mathiasmeier, president of Global Gas, Power and LNG at ConocoPhillips.

“LNG plays an important role in the global energy transition to lower carbon solutions, and Bechtel is proud of its historical and ongoing participation in the LNG industry. The MPL LNG Project will be a great example of how we, along with our customers and technology providers, can continue to supply LNG to offset traditional high emission fuels such as coal and others while developing and applying real innovations to meet the environmental goals of the industry,” said Paul Marsden, Bechtel Energy President.