STATS North America is projecting 30% year-on-year growth in Canada, with more than 45% year-on-year growth in the US, underpinning an estimated 15% global growth for STATS Group.

STATS is long-established in North America where its double-block and bleed BISEP tools are widely accepted as the market leader in safe, efficient pipeline isolation projects.

Indeed, a significant proportion of the projected North America growth has been attributed to STATS’ unique ability to execute large diameter pipeline workscopes of up to 48” - with competitors unable to undertake double-block and bleed isolation projects upward of 36” diameter.

Another factor which will appeal to existing and potential customers is STATS’ commitment to supporting net-zero carbon objectives and it recently completed one of the industry’s first leak tight double-block and bleed isolations with emission-less venting, resulting in zero methane gas emitted into the atmosphere.

Stephen Rawlinson, STATS Group’s Vice President for Americas, said: “The projected growth is partly down to a wider market acceptance of our technology and that we are establishing a reputation as ‘big diameter specialists’, with continued investment in our technology tripling our BISEP range.

“We have completed a number of 42” pipeline isolations in the US and Canada, are just about to deploy on a project involving 48” pipelines, and this ability to take on larger diameters is undoubtedly a market differentiator.

“As a company, we recognise that we must play our part in the transition to net-zero and have just released our first sustainability report, which is an overview of our global operations and a commitment to look at reducing carbon emissions wherever possible.

“We also have a role to play in helping our clients meet global decarbonisation targets and are working closely with a number of customers to embrace emerging technologies and to look at different ways of working which minimise the impact on the environment.

“One example of this approach is that we recently completed one of the industry's first leak tight double-block and bleed isolations with a BISEP tool which achieved emission-less venting. This prevented methane emissions into the atmosphere, and in one project alone we estimated that more than 1.6 million scf of methane was not vented - which is the equivalent of 913 metric tonnes of CO2e saved, or taking 197 motor vehicles off the road for one year.”

Also contributing to STATS’ success in the US and Canada is the dramatic rise in products sales of BISEPs ranging from 3” to 24” - built in North America - being acquired by a large number of clients - another sign of STATS’ growing reputation for quality and reliability in the sector.

“Increased product sales is a manifestation of the confidence that our tools now enjoy in the market,” added Stephen Rawlinson. “Clients who have great confidence in our products not only engage our services, but want to acquire the technology to enable them to undertake isolation projects themselves.”

Underlining STATS’ approach to establishing a strong localised footprint in international oil and gas hubs, the company has had a presence in Edmonton since 2006 and in Houston since 2014, and while the focus is to strengthen those offerings, there could potentially be future expansion of the company’s infrastructure in North America.

“The importance of having an in-country presence can’t be underestimated and we prefer to invest in supporting local manufacturing and in training locally based staff, than shipping equipment and personnel in and out as demand dictates. However, we also have the advantage of a highly skilled internationally mobile workforce which we can leverage at times of peak demand.”

Another indicator of the importance STATS places on the North American market is the relocation of its Chief Operating Officer, Steven Byers, who has transferred from the company’s Aberdeenshire headquarters to Houston.

Chief Executive Officer, Leigh Howarth, said: “Steven Byers will continue to provide operational leadership and support to all our regions but his relocation to Houston reflects the importance of the North American business. He will provide support to our US President and General Manager Scott McNae in developing our operational strength in anticipation of substantial growth opportunities in the region.”