On August 10, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the launch of the Garabagh jacket, constructed by SOCAR's BOS Shelf at the Baku Deepwater Jacket Platforms Plant. The jacket was configured as a grid-type metal structure to support the upper part of the stationary platform and the deck to be installed at the Garabagh oil field.The Garabagh jacket is the largest underwater structure in the history of SOCAR, both in terms of size and weight. 95% of people employed on the construction site were local workforce. The construction process was completed in full compliance with security requirements, without casualties. Two years or 3,200,000 man-hours of work were spent for the development of the unit. The 16,000-ton structure will be transported by the STB-1 barge to the sea. The height of the support block is 187 meters. It will be installed at a depth of 182 meters. It has 10 main and 10 auxiliary legs and walkways along the perimeter.

After reviewing the newly-constructed support block, President Ilham Aliyev expressed confidence that it would play a major role in oil and gas production in the deep layers of the Garabagh field. Then President Aliyev activated the button for loading the support block on the STB-1 transport barge.