Newly released EEMUA 243, ‘Guide to mechanical connector selection and lifecycle’, provides an overview of the selection, installation and maintenance of the most commonly used mechanical pipe connector designs which can be used as an alternative to hot work. These include grooved flange, elastic strain preload, tapered locking system, grip and seal, flared, and machined pipe groove. The new guide is relevant to all those who use these types of connector.

The primary function of the connectors covered is to join two pipes whilst maintaining pressure containment. EEMUA 243 focuses on key points for Users to select the most appropriate mechanical connector for the specific application and when developing their maintenance and inspection strategy for these components post installation.

EEMUA 243 (Edition 1) is available to buy online from the EEMUA Shop

EEMUA 243 adds to the list of publications EEMUA has developed for the mechanical integrity engineering sector. Other resources for engineering work involving piping and mechanical connectors include: EEMUA 200 (Guide to the specification, installation and maintenance of spring supports for piping); EEMUA 233 (Line pipe Specification: Clauses in addition to API 5L/ISO 3183); EEMUA 182 (Specification for integral block and bleed valve manifolds for direct connection to pipeworkEEMUA 234 (90/10 Copper nickel alloy piping for offshore applications (Specification)); and EEMUA 185 (Guide for hot tapping on piping and other equipment).

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