Petrosibir’s total oil production in May 2016 amounted to 43,120 barrels, equivalent to 1,391 barrels per day.

The table below summarizes the production broken down by region.

* The production numbers above for Komi and Ukraine for 2015 have been recalculated compared to what has been disclosed earlier. In the table above the production for 2015 has been divided by 365 days whereas it previously was divided by the actual number of days that the operations were owned by Petrosibir.

Petrosibir owns 100% of the Russian company Ingeo Holding, which holds a production license in Bashkiria. Petrosibir also owns 49% of the Cypriot company Ripiano, whose wholly owned Russian subsidiaries hold three production licenses in Komi. Bashkiria and Komi are federal subjects of the Russian Federation.

About Petrosibir

Petrosibir is a Swedish company focused on exploring and developing concessions in Russia. Petrosibir’s Ukrainian operations have been distributed to its shareholders. The company holds licenses in the Russian republics of Bashkiria and Komi. Petrosibir’s 2P oil and gas reserves amount to 35 million barrels of oil equivalent. The Petrosibir share is traded on the OTC-list at beQuoted under the symbol PSIB-B.