As part of the working visit to Kyrgyzstan, the Gazprom delegation led by the Management Committee Chairman Alexey Miller met with the Gazprom Kyrgyzstan team in Bishkek today.

The parties addressed the issues of the company's integration into Gazprom Group, particularly streamlining Gazprom Kyrgyzstan's organizational structure with regard to procedures applied in Gazprom. It was pointed out that at the moment the Articles of Association of the subsidiary company were approved and the Board of Directors was elected.

The meeting participants also touched upon the progress with a number of production, marketing, financial & economic and social activities at Gazprom Kyrgyzstan.

“The paramount task of Gazprom Kyrgyzstan today is to operate safely during the winter heating season. We earmarked extra funds to get ready for winter and lowered prices of the gas purchased on the border with Kazakhstan. We are also looking into the possibility of increasing liquefied hydrocarbon supplies to the southern parts of the Republic. In mid-term, we face the challenge of arranging gas supplies to the southern Kyrgyzstan and we consider six options of laying the North-South gas pipeline; exploration works will also be intensified across the Republic. In long-term, we will stick to the General Gasification Scheme for Kyrgyzstan till 2030 and we will finish it by this year end.

The Gazprom Kyrgyzstan team will be focused on solving the paramount tasks to improve gas supplies to hundreds of industrial facilities and thousands of households in the Republic.

For Gazprom Kyrgyzstan, its merger with Gazprom will result in higher performance and better social security to the employees,” said Alexey Miller at the meeting.