Moscow, 27 May 2020. PAO NOVATEK (“NOVATEK”) announced today that the Chairman of the Management Board, Leonid Mikhelson and the Governor of the Murmansk Region, Andrey Chibis signed a long-term Agreement on Cooperation (“Agreement”) covering social and economic development in the Murmansk region.

According to the Agreement, the Parties intend to cooperate in creating a favorable investment climate and attracting investments to the Murmansk region. The Agreement aims to  develop and implement social projects in healthcare and education, develop social and medical infrastructure, as well as support sports, culture and art activities.

“NOVATEK is creating one of the largest economic enterprises in the Murmansk region – the LNG Construction Center,” noted Leonid Mikhelson, NOVATEK’s Chairman of the Management Board. “This represents not only an investment in the future of the Russian gas industry and the creation of new technologies, but also the development and economic vitality in the Murmansk region. We pay special attention to sustainable development in the regions where we operate by creating new jobs, improving local infrastructure and implementing social programs aimed at increasing the living standards of the people.”