“Gazprom has always approached Nord Stream 2 as an economic project. Its goal is to provide reliable, stable and diversified supplies of gas to the market of the European Union. It also aims to reduce the cost of gas for end consumers via a shorter transportation route that reaches Germany almost 2,000 kilometers ahead of the route traversing the gas transmission system of Ukraine, as well as to ensure compliance with all current environmental requirements. For instance, СО2 emissions from Nord Stream 2 are 5.6 times lower thanks to, among other things, a reduced number of compressor stations compared to the Ukrainian route.

It should be noted that Gazprom has always stressed its readiness to continue transiting gas across Ukraine, including after 2024, based on economic viability and the technical condition of Ukraine's gas transmission system.

The issues pertaining to new volumes of gas to be purchased from Russia for transit via Ukraine need to be settled under market conditions and at market prices. If the aggregate of the new volumes of Russian gas to be purchased and transited via the Ukrainian route exceeds the current transit obligations, Gazprom will readily increase the volumes of gas transit across Ukraine.

We consider our German partners to be entirely justified in taking part in this work due to the announced plans for the decarbonization of the EU economy.”