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    Mon, 6 June, 2022 - Thu, 9 June, 2022
    Venue: Madrid, UK
  • Global Energy Show 2022
    Tue, 7 June, 2022 - Thu, 9 June, 2022
    Venue: BMO Centre at Stampede Park

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Global Gravity was established in Esbjerg in 2011, and specialises in transporting casing, tubing, and drill pipes for the oil industry. The company is the inventor of the patented TubeLock system, which is the world’s first “Tubular Transport Running System” (TTRS).


With TubeLock, Global Gravity are taking care of all handling and transportation of all types of casing, tubing and drill pipe tubing from storage, across the quay to the ship, and onto the drilling rig. TubeLock improve safety and efficiency significantly for the offshore operators.

Pipe handling can be quite a dangerous job if it is not carried out correctly and because of threats from the outside. Every day, the crew work in harsh conditions, exposed to wind, cold and noise in a very challenging working space. There is a great risk of injury to people and damage to equipment. It is not far from the walkway to the edge, and bulldog clamps and tools have been dropped on several occasions. With traditional wire slings heavy loads of pipes are rolled out, stacked and bundled with 10- to 12-metre-long steel wires, causing danger to the people working when unloading and dangerous stored energy released when the slings are removed from the bundled pipes.