We have some insight on the attack by John Vestberg, co-founder and CEO of Clavister:

“The DarkSide ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline highlights the increasing risk cyber criminals pose to critical national infrastructure (CNI). CNI, such as oil and gas, is a prime target for these ransomware gangs – systems are underpinned by a myriad of complex information and operational technology devices and so the consequences if these are infiltrated can be devastating. Attacks on CNI risk become the norm if action is not taken.

 A proactive, rather than reactive approach is needed. Using predictive analytics and tools like AI or ML, for example, we can see malware morphing and behaving in certain ways and catch it sooner. The DarkSide attack should serve as a warning; CNI systems are becoming more sophisticated and technical – especially as we enter the era of 5G which we will soon rely on. Going forward countries, cannot afford to have any weak spots and must step up their cyber security solutions to support the technology used.”

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