The Research and Development Council of New Jersey has awarded a team of BASF inventors with the prestigious 2021 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for outstanding environmental contributions.  The award honoring an innovative Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), which enables automotive OEMs to meet tighter emission regulations and clean the air we breathe, was presented at a ceremony held on November 18.

The Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for 2021 was presented to BASF inventors Shiang Sung, Stanley Roth (retired), Claudia Zabel, Susanne Stiebels, Andreas Sundermann, and Olga Gerlach.

As automotive emission regulations become more stringent, OEMs require better catalysts to meet the new regulations. The engine exhaust treatment system for a diesel vehicle typically consists of a DOC to remove hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO), followed by a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst to remove nitrogen oxides (NOx). The SCR catalyst needs nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from the DOC to function effectively. The generation of enough NOfrom the DOC at low temperatures was a major challenge, especially when the catalyst must be still functioning after 15 years of vehicle usage. This innovative DOC technology successfully met that challenge, enabling OEMs to cost-effectively meet new emission regulations and ensure clean air to breathe.

“It is a great honor for BASF and our inventors to be recognized for this significant environmental innovation,” said Peter Walther, Senior Vice President, Heterogeneous Catalysis Research at BASF. “This cost-effective solution will help enable clean air for a sustainable future.”

The invention has demonstrated the ability to reduce diesel exhaust emissions, providing a significantly heathier environment. An international team involving BASF research sites in Iselin, New Jersey, and Hannover, Germany, as well as hte GmbH, a subsidiary of BASF in Heidelberg, Germany, worked closely together on this patent.